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What we are doing

Sky Sutra

Sky Sutra

Sky Sutra is a local multiplayer (two player) game about flying carpets! Currently in development, we hope Sky Sutra will be out in late 2018.



A minimal vertical shooter meets puzzle game, about folding spacetime. Currently prototyping.

Our past games!

Here are some of the games our core team has worked on in the past.

Who we are...

Our team, spanning from Denmark to India to Japan, is truly global and has vast experience in the games industry.


Chaibirkes was founded by Shailesh Prabhu, an Indian game designer living in the Nordics. To represent this unique blend the name Chaibirkes was formed by taking the Danish Tebirkes and adding the Indian Chai to it. It represents the Indo-Nordic flavour of design in the games and in general represents power of the games industry to span across cultures.


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